High Tech

A magazin for High Snobiety

High Snobiety added Instagram Filters to their High Tech magazin

A Magazine by Highsnobiety returns with its gaze fixed on the future. Featuring Lil Nas X on what tomorrow holds, alongside chats with Juliana Huxtable, Naomi Osaka, Janaya Khan, Wim Hof, Jamaal Bowman and many others. Our hi-tech holiday gifting issue includes 51 pages of merch, robes, gadgets, technical gear and more. Plus four artist showcases, a takeover by Civilization NYC, a conversation between Marc Jacobs and Hans Ulrich Obrist, a brief history of the webcam and a sidereal trip through Club Future.

High Snobiety reached out for emersive AR experiences for tis x-mas shopping ideas „Something for ______“ section

2020 High Snobiety reached out for extra immersive print magazin experiences and gave us all freedom to experiment and design 5 individual AR concepts.

For 5 Selected Gift ideas it was up to us to create immersive experiences that entertain readers and gift seekers. The Lego experience brings the ISS space station inclusive planet earth and moon companion on the magazine. Little Lego aliens are hiding within the scene that want to be discovered and taped. Alien hide and seek so to say.

The Pendelton Glacier Blanket invites users trough a mesmerising kaleidoscope experiences. Fluffy blanket assets enchant readers in its depth.